Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Field Experience First Week!

So far the field experience is going pretty well, but it is also overwhelming! We still need to plan a bunch of our lesson plans and do an insane amount of homework, but we'll make it through. On our first day in the classroom we were just kind of sitting in the back a lot of the time not knowing if we should be helping, but mostly observing. We did have some laughable moments trying to do some errands for our teacher in the supply/work room. For one, we were sent to make some double sided copies that we didn't know how to make on a copy machine that needed a password, which we didn't have. Another time we went down there to get some poster board, but brought back the wrong kind and had to go back again. Our cooperating teacher is very nice and is also laid back which is good, but I wish I could be a little more laid back at this point. I'm sure as we are there longer and get to know the kids and our teacher better we will become more comfortable. We will be starting our unit on Culture next week so that is pretty exciting. We will also be going with our class on a field trip on Friday to Thanksgiving Point to see a Dinosaur Exhibit. Well good luck to everyone!

Well, everyone else's blogs I have been looking through were a lot longer than mine so I decided to add a little bit more. Last Friday I went with the 4th graders to Thanksgiving Point on their field trip it was fun, hilarious and crazy. I am really grateful I got the opportunity to have the field trip experience because otherwise I think I would have had a panic attack going on one my first year teaching. The whole time I thought we were going to lose all of the kids or leave one behind LOL! Especially because I was with a different class than my regular one since my cooperating teacher had about 5 parent volunteers and another 4th grade class only had one so I joined up with them. Unfortunately, that mean I didn't know any of the kids so it was harder to keep track of them. We got done early at Thanksgiving point and one of the teachers decided it would be fun to take the kids to Cabela's! I thought this was weird because I have never been there, but when we got there and saw all the taxidermy (dead animals) the kids loved it! They probably liked it better than the dinosaur bones! hahaha. So far it has been loads of fun. We start teaching our unit on culture tomorrow and I am extremely nervous! I hope everything goes smoothly. Good Luck to everyone else.

Oh yeah and just to give everyone who reads this a laugh, the other day when I was taking our class down to the library I overheard a teacher yelling at a kid in the hall for repeatedly farting! It was hard not to laugh when she said, "It's not fair to the other kids who have to hear it and smell it!" I also kind of felt bad for him, I hope she talked to his parents about it! Maybe he has a digestive problem or something. I hope when I start teaching I still know how to lighten up. They're just kids.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Reflection of Making my Video!

I learned quite a bit reading through articles about the great depression and by gathering photos to use as primary sources, but the most interesting thing that I learned about the great depression was that after the stock market crashed on black Tuesday it did not recover to pre depression levels until the 1950's!
I didn't learn all that much as far as technical skills, since I am pretty good with computers. However, I have never used the Photo Story program before, so I guess I learned how to use it, but it was pretty self explanatory. I did find it useful to learn how to make a a JPG file out of a powerpoint slide.
I learned that making the digital story, (planning it out) was not all that hard. I hope that I will remember that when I am in the classroom and use it as a tool. It took the most effort to come up with the topic, but when I get out their in the real world, as a teacher, I will already have my subject matter.
I also learned a lot through viewing everyone else's videos! I thought everyone did a really great job. I especially liked seeing the fun and more lighthearted videos just because when I was brainstorming I really couldn't think of any topics that were on the fun or lighthearted side.


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